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Updates from County

There's a few updates from the recent County meeting.

Capitation will be £37.10 for each person under 18 on the census date (31st Jan 2016).

The Census will need to be completed by each group by the 7th February.

There was very positive feedback on the programs available to support the Million Hands project - if you haven't signed up for your section yet, please do.

DoE can now be started from the point a young person joins Explorers.

It's recommended that all 16-25 year olds are registered to complete their Queens Scout Award since there's not going to be any backdating allowed in the future.

I got the distinct feeling that County are likely to start pushing everyone to complete their training once Compass is back on line. Ultimately the responsibility to complete your training rests with you - but if you don't know where to start please do get in touch.

From the new year ALL executive members will have to be official members of the Scout Association - I think generally we're pretty good on this in the District - but I don't know what I don't know...

Compass Update

As many of you will have heard Compass is due to make a come back early next year. In order to help sort out the current mess we need a single nominated 'super user' - who will be able to update records which would usually only be updated via HQ. If you would be interested in taking on a short term superuser role and have a bit of time early next year, are good with computers and preferably have some knowledge of the District please let me know ASAP.

Coxhoe make the Headlines

Coxhoe Beavers have managed to get into the press again - this time with their visit to Durham Hospital.
Copy here

Network and Winter weekend

As a follow up to the information below, here is the link to register for the weekend at West Hall in January. Please pass it on for completion by anyone who is intending to attend.

It’s fair to say I haven’t been swamped by replies from DSNC’s about a possible meet up on the Saturday afternoon. (DSNC’s meet each other, share ideas and contacts and discuss the coming year).

Could you please let me know whether it’s something you would find value in doing, or indeed whether you could make it?

Thanks all

David Holmes
ACC/SN Durham

Circus Skills

I have been asked to circulate the following - I have no experience of them.

We would like to introduce you to Shooting Stars Circus Skills who offer Beavers, Cubs & Scout units the chance to enjoy the fun and excitement of a circus skills evening at a special discounted rate.

Whether they want to work on their Circus Activity Badge or just have a fun and creative evening, we can offer a brilliant workshop with a highly experienced instructor at the rate of:
£150.00 + VAT for a 1 - 2 hour session with one group
£220.00 + VAT for a 2 - 3 hour session with two groups (£110.00 per group)
£270.00 + VAT for a 3 - 5 hour session with three groups £90.00 per group)
If you would like to pay excluding VAT, please let us know.

The workshop consists of a circus instructor and circus equipment (which is tailored according to age groups, space available and length of session time). Examples include juggling balls, rings and scarves, spinning plates, diabolos, flower sticks, and larger equipment such as stilts, fun wheels, pedal racers, unicycles & mini-bikes. Equipment used will be at the discretion of your instructor.

With the volume and variety of equipment available, we can take a group of up to 30 children/young people per workshop, keeping them involved and engaged at all times. If we are running workshops specifically for the Circus Activity Badge, then equipment available will be tailored for this event.

A Sample of 2015 References:

12th September 2015 - Explorer Scouts (Woking) -
Jebb was excellent and all the kids had a great time.- Brian Pinto, Explorer Scout Commissioner

05th June 2015 - Cubs (1st Horsell Brownsea) - Circus Activity Badge
Steve was excellent, he got all the cubs attention and they were in awe of him. Great equipment and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.- Charlie Raison - Brownsea Cubs, Assistant Cub Scout Leader

21st May 2015 - Scouts (1st Weybridge)
A brilliant evening that the Scouts really enjoyed. Tim Buchanan, Scout Leader

23rd April 2015 - Scouts (4th Weybridge) - Circus Workshop Fun Session
Paul arrived in plenty of time to set up for 2 sessions of circus fun, with Beavers, Cubs and Scouts! Both groups learned two new skills, will Paul giving step by step instruction and encouragement.
They then had plenty of time to play with the mini bikes, unicycles, juggling equipment and clown clothes! The time just whizzed by and every participant really enjoyed themselves! Thanks Paul. - Liz Farmer, Assistant Beaver Leader

12th March 2015 - Beavers (1st Hinchley Wood) -
Probably one of the best meetings ever was a comment I heard repeated many times over the days following Shooting Stars session at our beaver meeting ... and that with tough competition from camps ! We had beavers , young leaders and adults at the meeting and Steve was able to accommodate us all with new tricks whilst keeping everyone entertained. And at the end we had qualified for the creative activity badge .- Heidi Smith, Assistant Beaver Leader

10th March 2015 - Scouts 4th Reigate (Netherne) - Circus Activity Badge
Our Scout Group were well entertained and kept busy for all of the session. They all enjoyed learning new circus skills even the leaders!- 4th Reigate Netherne Scout Group, Beaver Scout Leader

All our instructors have DBS's, Public Liability with Equity of £10 million and Risk Assessments are available.

County Safeguarding Dec 2015

A copy of the December County Safeguarding newsletter can be found HERE

Beaver District Christmas Craft Night

District Christmas Craft Night @ (Waterhouses DH7 9AS) 5.45 – 7.30 p.m
(Leaders - please bring Small clean glass jars
Clean 'Baked bean' tins - ring pull type so no sharp edges
Twigs - about 15 inches high!)

Christingle Service

15th December 6.30p.m Christingle service, Belmont St Mary Magdalene

Beaver Magician Wednesday 27/1/16

Magic Andrew will be doing just under one hour show from 6pm. Suggest we get Beavers to come at 5.45pm and to collect at 7.

The numbers could potentially be very large and there is another activity in the smaller hall at the same time. There is a car park behind the hall but this will get VERY congested and does not lend itself to much manoeuvring. Can I suggest that you ask parents to lift share and park on road (rather than coming into the car park) and drop off as quickly as possible.

You also need to let Janice know how many you are expecting to ensure sufficient refreshments are available. Please let her know by 20th January.



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