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Youth teams entry deadline is this coming Saturday 28th October. Catcher teams may enter on the day.

National Scout & Guide Symphony Orchestra

In the last edition of the Durham ePost, there was an article on the National Scout & Guide Symphony Orchestra and Concert Band. which this year had two members from Durham Scout County.

We're please to say that 2018 applications are now open at http://apply.nsgso.com/ and you can use the attached flyer to promote this opportunity with your young people.

Remember that your young people need to play to at least Grade 4 and the closing date for applications is Saturday 16th December 2017.

Missed Out on Jamboree 2019?

Following last weekend's selection event, 54 out of 100+ applicants have been selected to go to the World Scout Jamboree in 2019. While we congratulate all who have been selected, our thoughts are also with those fantastic Scouts and Explorer Scouts who were not selected.

The scout county will however be organising an international trip in 2019 (we are currently thinking about a trip to the fantastic Kandersteg International Scout Centre). Priority places will be given to those who applied for the World Scout Jamboree but who were sadly not selected.

If you know a Scout or Explorer Scout who wasn't selected, please make sure that they know about other international opportunities, including the county international trip in 2019.

Blyth Valley Gang Show

Finally, as we're sending an e-mail out, we've been asked to mention that next week is the Blyth Valley Gang Show, from Wednesday 25th - Saturday 28th October, held at the Phoenix Theatre in Blyth.

Tickets are from £6.00 and you can book online at http://www.thephoenixtheatre.org.uk/ or phone (01670) 367228.


DC search meeting

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the meeting on Thursday last week. One thing that did become apparent is lots of Scouters hadn't received the invite to the meeting from the County Commissioner (myself included).

Vacancy pack


The original email was as follows:
The search for the next District Commissioner of Durham and City District is back on!

Now that everyone is scouting again after the summer break, we're activity restarting the search for a DC for Durham and City... but what happens if we don't find someone?
As the initial search for a new DC didn't find anyone within the District we will now widen the search beyond the District and we will also look outside scouting.

If we haven't received any nominations by the new deadline (17th November 2017), we will then appoint an Acting DC while we determine the future of the District.

We will be discussing the DC search (and what happens next) at the District meeting to be held at

Durham Fire Station (Hoban Room)
Thursday 12th October

We will also give everyone in the District a chance to review and comment on the feedback received from Durham and City District in the last County satisfaction survey.

If you haven't down so already, head on over to the Durham and City DC Search page to fill in the on-line nomination form, or use the button below to download the Vacancy Pack.

I look forward to seeing you on 12th October

Dilston Camp Site

A number of you have let me know about problems booking Dilston camp site this year. There was also a rumour starting to circulate that Dilston are not accepting bookings from Durham county as a matter of policy.

I spoke to the District Commissioner and also the Chair of Hadrian District over a pint after the Northumberland ‘Summit in a Box’ event, and they assure me that there is no such policy. I have also been told that for next season the people responsible for bookings will be changing (some familiar faces are coming back to Dilston) and that issues with making bookings will be resolved.


While I can't conifirm the the total capitation charge per child for 2018 I would expect it to be £38.

This is broken down into:
HQ £27.00
County £9.50
District £1.50

The District will confirm when Groups need to make payment in due course. Numbers as usual will be taken from the census.

31st January 2018: Take annual census numbers
16th February 2018: Complete and approve District Census returns
28th February 2018: Groups pay capitation to District

Payments for County Events

Following a meeting between myself(CC), the County Chair (Graham Elder), County Secretary (Sharon Carr) and County Administrator (Carol McKenzie) it has been agreed that the administration of ALL county events, competitions etc will once again be transferred to the county office (as background, many county team members took over this administrative role when Helen Wilcox – Carol’s predecessor – originally left us).

Would all county team members still performing administrative roles such as organising booking systems (e.g. google forms), collecting payments etc please liaise with Carol as you start to plan new events, to allow her to take these responsibilities back into the County Office. Please remember that you should not hold cash or cheques at home and no money should go through personal bank accounts.

Would all DCs ensure that leaders understand that in future all payments should be made via the county office. BACS transfers are the preferred method of payment and in every case Carol, or one of our automated booking systems, will provide a reference number which MUST be used on BACS payments. Please ensure that leaders understand that unless they use the reference number provided we may not be able to trace their payments.

Mini Medics

I have been asked to circulate this advert for mini medics. The cost would be £250 for a group of 12 Cubs/Scouts.
Mini Medics


Just to let people know that the British Heart Foundation have opened their Defibrillator grants up again. In summary it costs £600 for one defibrillator and associated training equipment, and it must be accessible to the local community / general public and you have to agree to provide training.

Further details here https://grants.bhf.org.uk

Opal Coast, In Northern France

I am taking a group of scouts to the Opal Coast, In Northern France for their 2018 summer camp departing Saturday 28th July until Friday 3rd August 2018. (7days)

There are 7 places available on our existing booking however, I have spoken to the company that we are using and they say that we could increase our numbers slightly if need be.

With this in mind the offer is open to any group who would like to join us. Maybe you have a smaller group within your district or leaders would like to gain experience taking scouts abroad.

The total cost per person fully inclusive is £365, excluding spending money. We have a staged payment scheme in place to make it more manageable for parents.

I will be happy to send on details or speak to any group or leader who may be interested.

I need to advise the company if we intend to increase numbers therefore would appreciate any notice of interest as soon as possible.

Many thanks
Bryan Johnson

On behalf of:
2nd Annfield Plain Scout Group
Derwentside District

Modules 8,9,13 and 17

Open offer from Northumberland Scouts

We're covering 8,9,13 and 17 plus Validation on the Saturday, then 14,15 and 12B plus validation on the Sunday... It's located on the second floor of the SU (next to the Hiberna bar) at the City Centre campus (the bit opposite the Civic Centre in Newcastle). Registration will open at 09.15 and training will begin at 09.30.


ADC Scouts

I'm very pleased to be able to confirm Mark Robinson has volunteered for the ADC Scouts role. The appointment has to be considered by the appointments advisory committee.



I have been asked to circulate the following:

Shooting Stars Circus Skills are working in your area on the following dates.

September 11th - 22nd
October 2nd - 6th, 16th - 27th
November 6th - 24th
December 4th - 15th

We would like to introduce you to Shooting Stars Circus Skills who offer Beavers, Cubs & Scout units the chance to enjoy the fun and excitement of a circus skills evening at a special discounted rate.

Whether they want to work on their Circus Activity Badge or just have a fun and creative evening, we can offer a brilliant workshop with a highly experienced instructor at the rate of:

£150.00 for a 1 - 2 hour session with one group

£240.00 for a 2 - 3 hour session with two groups (£120.00 per group)

£300.00 for a 3 - 5 hour session with three groups £100.00 per group) £300.00 for an all day workshop (usually Saturday or Sunday 10.00 - 16.00)

The workshop consists of a circus instructor and circus equipment (which is tailored according to age groups, space available and length of session time). Examples include juggling balls, rings and scarves, spinning plates, diabolos, flower sticks, and larger equipment such as stilts, fun wheels, pedal racers, unicycles & mini-bikes. Equipment used will be at the discretion of your instructor.

With the volume and variety of equipment available, we can take a group of up to 30 children/young people per workshop, keeping them involved and engaged at all times. If we are running workshops specifically for the Circus Activity Badge, then equipment available will be tailored for this event.


2019 World Scout Jamboree

Please note that there is less than two weeks for older Scouts and Explorer Scouts to apply for a place at the wonderful 24th World Scout Jamboree. We have 54 youth places so the chances of a place are better than ever, but you've got to be 'In It to Win It!'

If you have older Scouts or Explorer Scouts who intend to apply, please make sure that their applications are with the County Office by the deadline, on Friday 6th October 2017.

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