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Just a quick reminder that SANCTUARY booking are now open.
For anyone who doesn't know, SANCTUARY is a Scout and Explorer wide game where Scouts get dropped off ~ 8 / 11 miles away and then the leaders go out and catch them as they hike back to the RV point.
The event is open to Scouts, Explorers and Leaders. There's loads more info on the website:

Booking deadline 28th October.
This years event will be roughly in the center of the County.

District Beaver and Cub Pantomime - Saturday 2 December

Hi All

I hope you have all had a good summer break. It's that time of year again summer holidays are just about over and it's time to start thinking about the pantomime!

For those who don't already know, this year it is Robinson Crusoe and as in previous years we will be ging to the Gala Theatre in Durham. We are booked in for the afternoon performance on Saturday 2 December.

If you and your Beavers/Cubs/Parents/Siblings would like to go the cost will again be £9 per ticket.

Can you please complete the link below with your numbers for your section. Please don't send numbers via email as they may get lost in my many emails.

All money must be paid within 1 week of the deadline of Monday 25 October at 21:00. Cheques should be made payable to Durham City District Scout Council and sent to myself. (1 cheque per section) If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer, please email me to let me know and confirm when this has happened


Thank you

ADC Cubs

Young Leader Module A Training

I will be running Module A for any Young Leaders who haven’t completed it yet at Brandon Explorers next Wednesday (20th September) from 7:30-9:00pm at Brandon Community Centre/Welfare Hall (DH7 8PS). As you are probably aware, it is compulsory for any YLs to complete Module A within three months of starting in their role as this covers topics such as safeguarding. If you have any new Young Leaders, please let them know about this opportunity.

I will be circulating details about other Young Leader modules later this month but our initial plan is to potentially run a YL training weekend in February/March 2018. This will avoid duplication of effort this term as the County YL weekend will run in December.

If you have any YL queries, just drop me a line!

Ben Hodgkiss
Explorer Scout Leader (Young Leaders),

Module 1 (getting started) training

The training team has been given info about two up-coming modules 1 and 3 courses, one in Derwentside District and the other in Chester-le-Street District.

Both districts are willing to include leaders from the districts (as long as this does not make the course too large).

Derwentside: Sunday 1st October. Bookings need to be made to Keith Slater at keith1000.slater@gmail.com by Sunday 24th September

Chester-le-Street: Wednesday November 8th. Bookings need to be made to David Holmes at durhamcsnc@btinternet.com

Young Leader Registration Reminder

Please remember to ensure any young leaders who help your section are registered with our Young Leader Team. If you're in any doubt if they are or not, please pass there names onto youngleaders@durhamcityscouts.org.uk

Shakespeare Trust Funding

Further to the update earlier this monthy the funding application form is now here:

District Equipment

The district owns a small amount of equipment which sections may borrow if needed:
10 GPS units (Speak to John)
1 badge machine (Speak to Sarah Dodds)
Some Slow Cookers (Speak to Sarah Dodds)

Additionally, as a condition of the funding put towards Gilesgate's twin axle box trailer this is also available for other Groups to use.

If anyone know of any other current and functional equipment that should be added to this list please do let me know.

District Youth Commissioner

Hello, I'm Izzy and I'm an Assistant Cub Scout Leader at 5th Durham as well as the District Youth Commissioner. I have been Scouting since I was 8, working my way through the sections before taking on a Beaver Colony when I turned 18. I moved my Scouting to Durham in 2016 after moving to study Geography at Durham University.

As Youth Commissioner I aim to be the driving force that ensures YouthShape Scouting is present and active in the Durham City. YouthShape Scouting is understood slightly differently by every person, and each group is at different stages in developing their YouthShape Scouting. If you've never heard of it (and you are not alone!), it is not a new initiative, most people have heard of Sixers Forums and have had their young leader run meetings - and both of these activities are very definitely YouthShaped.

HQ identifies YouthShape Scouting as young people involved in: sharing ideas; learning from and teaching each other and adults; taking part in decision making and assisting with planning their program. This is a range of initiatives and activities right through from beavers to network that can easily be applied in Durham. For a Beaver it may be getting to vote on which game to play, Cubs may be Sixers and Seconders teaching a new skill to younger Cubs, at Scout level they could be organising the camp menu, and then by the time they're Explorers they are developing the skills required to decide upon, plan, and then run meetings and events. It was a particular favourite of my Explorer Leader to announce she was not going to run a meeting next week and it was up to us to organise something - although this worked far better some times than others!

A few YouthShape things to look out for in the district over the next few months:

Durham City District Youth Forum: We will begin recruitment for 15-20 enthusiastic young people to form a forum that will then provide a key link between our young people and the district team. This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved, help ensure young people have a say in their program, as well as developing personally as you learn essential and learning key skills. More information is coming in the next few weeks.

Durham City Network: Network is for anyone in Scouting 18-25, we aim to launch a Durham City Network that provides for young adults who don't just want to be a leader (or want to be a leader at all!) but want to continue their Scouting, have lots of fun, and trying new things. Anyone interested in being involved or has ideas about what we can do please get in contact with me at youth@durhamcityscouts.org.uk

Anyone with queries/comments/thoughts/ideas or that is really keen to jump on board with YouthShape Scouting in Durham City, I can be contacted at my snazzy new email address youth@durhamcityscouts.org.uk

Minutes from Beaver Programme Support meeting - 6th September

Minutes from the County Beaver Programme Support meeting on the 6th September can be found

Belmont take a hike

Some Belmont Scouts took part in a days mountain hike in the Lake District and climbed Red Screes 776m, above Ambleside.

They did the navigation for the whole way and never got us lost once, which was great. I must also say that as a County Mountain Advisor their navigation skills were excellent and when they practiced their pacing and distancing they hit each target spot on and could justify how they knew where they were. Even the older Scouts got into the teaching element and showed the younger ones how to use maps and compasses, which was good to see.

The weather was good all day and we event managed to get some views from the top albeit briefly before the mist came in for a short while.

It was a quiet journey home in the car apart from the torrential rain splashing down on the roads, but all in everyone had a good day.

ADC Scouts

Ian Dickinson has decided to stand down from the ADC Scouts role at the end of the month.
This is an important role within the District - overseeing the District Scout Program and supporting the various Scout Troops across the district.
The role can also potentially be split.
If you might be interested in the role please let me know, or you can nominate someone else - don't be shy!

Student Leaders

As you know plenty of enthusiastic new students are due to arrive in the next few weeks. If you would like a student to assist with your Section/Group please let me know.
Also, if you have some time to assist with the student recruitment, induction and sorting, please do let me know.

19th Go International - A Great Success!

19th Durham Scouts have just returned from a week in Kandersteg, Switzerland. They set off from Newcastle Airport to Geneva on Sunday 30th July to Geneva. From Geneva Airport they travelled by train to Brig, to catch a connecting train into Kandersteg Village. From the train station it was a 40 minute hike, carrying all the equipment for the week, to arrive at the Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC) on a rainy evening at 11:30pm. Tents were put up while the hillside was lit up by flashes of lightening and a weary band of Leaders, Young leaders and Scouts took to their beds.

The highlight of the week was the journey to the top of Europe, taking several trains from Kandersteg to Grindelwald, where we took the funicular railway to the top of Jungfrau Joch, one of the main summits in the Alps more commonly dubbed the Top of Europe. The trek across the glacier was challenging in the snow although fortunately the weather held and it was a glorious day. Some of leaders experienced a mild altitude sickness, which was a first for our group, but did not deter from the spectacular views. The scouts particularly enjoyed sliding across the glacier in the icier parts especially the ice caves.

During the week it was also National Swiss Day which saw Switzerland come to a stop and celebrate everything Swiss. The day not only celebrated the creation of Switzerland 726 years ago but also as a centre they celebrated 110 years of scouting. We set of to march into Kandersteg Village with other scouts from across the world. The Swiss were excellent hosts and welcomed us to their day, of particular note was our Scouts trying yodelling and the spectacular firework display.

The leaders of the group spent 12 months planning, fund raising, coordinating parents and ultimately giving up their time to ensure the young people had a great time. This ensured that the trip went off without a hitch, apart from some very tired leaders at the end.

Please see our album here:

If you would like to add your own photo’s for others to see please use this link…

Scouts Own: https://goo.gl/photos/5zA8AdftD4mP59Bv9

World Scout Jamboree Roadshow

Can you please pass on the attached details to all eligible Scouts and Explorers. We will be holding an information evening at Elvet church on Monday 25 September at 19:30.

As some of you may already know myself and Tom Kitchen from Fram Scouts are both part of the leadership team for the Jamboree.

Full details HERE.

Thank you


Durham Post

The latest edition of the County news letter can be found HERE.

They have missed the dates for next years Cub Water day (7th July) and SANCTUARY (10th Nov).

Bearpark Scouts

There are plans to open a Baden Powell Scout Group in Bearpark. These plans have nothing to do with the District or indeed The Scout Association. BP Scouts as they are known, broke away from main stream Scouting many years ago, they do of course share many of our aims and objectives and we wish them well.

Shakespeare Trust Funding

As many of you will know the Shakespeare Trust has supported Durham Scouting for well over twenty years.

The Trust was set up many years ago to supported charities / organisations (especially children's groups) broadly within the city boundaries. The Shakespeare Temperance Trust has property in Durham (Shakespeare Hall in North Road being the main one) which generate surplus income. Durham City Scouts have been a major beneficiary from this fund over the last 20 years. In excess of £100,000 has been donated over the years to our District.

Historically a donation would go to the District for distribution so that individual Scout Groups did not apply individually. More recently to improve the distribution of funds groups have applied annually to the District Exec for a share of the funds. Last year a number of Groups did not apply for a share of the funds.

The trust are keen that the funds are distributed widely across the District particularly to Groups.
All groups should try and put in an application which will be looked at by a committee chaired by the District Chairman. Projects supporting work across the District will also be supported and need to apply in the same way.

Application forms will follow in the next couple of weeks and should be returned by the end of October. It is hoped that all the money will be allocated before the end of the year.

Specific funding requirements are few but physical long term benefits for multiple recipients are preferred (there is £5,000 to spread across the District).

If you are successful in getting a slice it is key that you send a letter / e-Mail to the Trust explaining exactly how you have used the money (Details will follow).

If you have any questions please contact the District Chairman or Ken Robertson.

District beaver leaders meeting

The next District Beaver Leaders planning meeting will be Thursday 7th Sept - sorry for those that can't make that date. 19:30 at Fram.

Hope to see you then... (sorry to those who can't make it).


County AGM

Date: Wednesday September 13th 2017
Time: 7.00pm for 7.30pm start
Location: Moor House, main hall
Invited: All members of Durham Scout County
A reminder that the Durham Scout County Council Annual General Meeting will be held as above.

As well as the usual business (presentation of the county accounts for 2016-17 and elections), the County Commissioner will also be providing an update on developments in the scout county in the last 12 months, plans for the next year and the process by which the county development plan will be updated.

There will also be an open Q&A session, to provide members with another opportunity to ask any questions they may have or raise any issues.

Please remember that the meeting is open to all members of the scout county (note that only members of the County Scout Council are eligible to vote - see our constitution) and we hope that you’ll be able to join us on 13th September.

Please email:
to attend or send your apologies.

Summit in a Box

Date: Sunday September 24th
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Location: Gateshead District Scout Headquarters (Mitchell House, Gladstone Terrace W, Gateshead NE8 4EA)
The aim of the meeting is to engage all volunteers in discussions about the proposed new national strategy and to allow everyone to feedback their views to UK Headquarters.

As not every district may organise their own ‘Summit in a Box’ session, or as you may not be able to attend your own district session, the county is organising a session which is open to anyone from across the scout county.

This is your opportunity to review the Scout Association’s draft strategic plan, and input to the strategy that will guide the development of scouting over the next five years (the post 'Vision 2018' strategy).

During the session we will review how Vision 2018 has worked (or not) and what we've learned, and we'll look at the role of scouting in society today. We'll then introduce the draft strategic plan, review the draft priorities, think about our local priorities and everyone will then have a chance to provide their input and feedback, which will be collated and forwarded to the Scout Association HQ.

You can attend the event by registering for a ticket on Eventbrite, using the button below (note that you can book between 1 and 4 ‘tickets’ for people in your group)


Programme Exchange Workshops

Date: Saturday 21st October OR Sunday 22nd October (choose when you book)
Time: 9am – 5pm
Location: 4th East Boldon/28th South Shields headquarters, in East Boldon (South Tyneside)
A reminder that on Saturday 21st October and Sunday 22nd October we'll be running two Programme Exchange Workshops.

Remember that this is your chance to meet with fellow section leaders from across the County and:

Exchange programme ideas to add some sparkle, adventure or more fun to your programmes
Share evening programmes for meeting nights
Swap ideas for days out, unusual and interesting activities, sleepover venues and favourite places for nights away
Find ideas for some fun, unusual and new games
Discuss the progressive training scheme with leaders from other sections
Share challenges and opportunities relating to the new (2015) badge and award scheme

Please being hard copies of your programme, games, sleepover etc ideas (we'll scan them after the workshops and make them available on the County website).

You should wear Scout casual (non-uniformed event) and please being a packed lunch (drinks and snacks available throughout the day).

You can book a place on the county website using the button below (select your preferred date and section to start), and once you've found a place you'll be taken to the event booking page to enter your details.

Please note that places on each of the two days are limited to 20 leaders per workshop for Beaver, Cub and Scout Leaders and 10 leaders per workshop for Explorer Scout Leaders (please let us know if you miss out on a place, and if there is demand we'll run these workshops again).


COUNTY Beaver Pantomime 2017 Booking system LIVE!

Please note this is the County Booking:

Hello colleagues,

I apologise for the delay, but the booking systems for the Beaver Pantomime - Robinson Crusoe - is now up and running.

The details and booking system access for the pantomime are available on the County Website page - https://www.durhamscouts.org.uk/events/beaver-panto-2017/

A summary of the details are - This years pantomime is on Sunday, 3rd December at 1pm at the Gala Theatre in Durham. The tickets are £9 each and you get the 11th one free for every 10 you book.

Payments must be paid to Durham Scout County and must follow booking as soon as possible after the booking is made, otherwise the booking won't be confirmed.

The booking system and payments for any bookings made, have to reach Moor House by close of business on the 21st September to allow us enough time to pay the Gala theatre by the 3rd of October.

Thanks and yours in Scouting,

Paul Woods

Assistant County Commissioner Beaver Scouts

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