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Macmillan fundraising request

I am a volunteer for Macmillan in County Durham. We currently have an amazing opportunity with Marks and Spencer to collect throughout September in their stores. I was wondering if any of your Scouting groups would be interested in finding out more about this volunteering opportunity?

If so, please would it be possible to provide me with their contact details, or the contact details of someone who deals with the charity side of your organisation, to discuss this further?

Thank you very much for your time!

Kind regards,

Fiona Cook
Macmillan Volunteer

Occasional Badges

I have been asked to pass on a quick reminder about occasional badges sewn onto uniforms:

Only none HQ badges authorized by the County Commissioner may be sewn onto uniformed.
Occasional badges (e.g. camp badges) may only be sewn on the uniform for a maximum of 12 months.
If a child is running out of space they should be taking the extra badges off to make space not sewing badges all over the place!

Scouts in the news again

Well done Dave for getting another good story into the press:


Please remember to have a chat with Dave if you have a good news story we can push to increase our profile and help bring in more volunteers.


To Hollie (and Richard) who got married at the weekend:

Dave Thompson retires

Dave Thompson has retired from his position as leader of 5th Durham Explorer Scout Unit after twenty plus years (30 as a leader in Scouting). He was presented with a framed photograph of Durham, taken at roughly the same time as his birth, showing the original 5th Durham 'Den'. He was thanked by Ken Robertson for all his work in helping many to obtain their Queens Scout award over the years. He wishes to continue to support Scouting in his retirement!


HQ are finally ready to tighten up on leaders without disclosures. If your disclose expires you will now get just one month to renew it before being formally suspended - you have been warned!

District Appointments Team

The District appointments team have a planning meeting on the 14th September. This will reboot the formal appointments process and appointments meetigns will follow.
There's a lot of new appointments within the District since the last meeting and where possible appointments will be processed without a face to face meeting. GSLs are now responsible for ensuring references for new appointments are completed and passed to Ken in good time. If an appointee is known locally (references not required) this information still needs to be passed to Ken.

Funding opportunity

If anyone is interested in taking forward a funding application with the Masons please speak to me ASAP.

Civil Emergencies

Over the Easter Term 13 members of 15th Durham (Elvet) took part in a number of nights aimed at raising their awareness of what to do in civil emergency situations. The prerequisites met the Scouts were invited to be part of Exercise Levantine held by the Civil Contingencies Unit at the Bowburn Fire and Rescue Training Centre, the day consisted of being an active part in each section of the exercise, from planning the evacuation of a residential care centre to enforcing police cordons. The day finished with an awards ceremony with leaders of to local council, police force and fire brigade presenting plaques to each of the groups involved.

Go Outdoors

My name is Keira, I work at your local Go Outdoors store in Newcastle (West Denton),

I am contacting you regarding concerning the potential offers we are able to provide and any ways in which we are able to help you and your scouts.

At Go Outdoors we offer further discounts for participants and leaders that are partaking in any of your expeditions throughout the year

• 10% student discounts on top of the discount card price in store & online
• 15% Leader discounts on top of the discount card price in store & online
• Fantastic value of expedition clothing and equipment bundles starting from just £59.99
• Further discounts on bulk purchases and school account services
• Free delivery and 30 day payment terms for bulk orders

We want to help you prepare for your adventures this summer, by having a group sales champion willing to give advice and kit talks to meet all your needs. If you have any queries or would like to talk more about this opportunity please contact myself via. Email or the contact number below.
Until then here is a link to our online adventure page with some helpful information:


Many thanks,

Keira Jones
Sales Coordinator
GO Outdoors Newcastle (West Denton)
Telephone: 0191 286 9663


Hello, I am from bombphoons museum and I send you my flyer as I would like to offer your scouts/ explorers and Cubs the change to gain there air spotting, air stage and air researcher badge at my museum. If you can please e-mail my flyer out to your section please, I would be so greatful.



Tall ships opportunity

Due to a group booking cancellation on the Stavros Niarchos with the Tall Ships Youth Trust , A last minute opportunity is being offered .They are offering a special rate for 12 – 15 year olds on this voyage.

Monday 25th July – Monday 1st Aug from Sunderland – Ipswich.

They are offering a group of 4 or more the voyage fee of £99 each (Excludes travel) or £199 for individuals (Excludes travel).

They would be happy for a group of 6 or more to bring a member of staff free (Providing they have a current DBS).

Could you pass this offer around your network please.

Any other information on this please feel free to contact me either by phone or E.Mail - Tel 01446 406631 or 07779658331

Bryan (GSL 11th Barry Sea Scout Group)

Do you know a leader who deserves and award?

The District are looking for nominations to put forward for awards. There are a number of awards that scouting volunteers can be put forward for including the Chief Scout’s Personal Award or a range of Good Service Awards: Chief Scout’s Commendation, Award for Merit and Bar, Silver Acorn and Bar and Silver Wolf, you can read more at scouts.org.uk/awards.

Who can you nominate? Any adult with a minimum of five years’ (adult) service in scouts, who has not received an award in the last five years, is qualified in their role and of course has done something that you think deserves recognition.

How do you nominate? Drop me an email outlining the service you think is deserving of recognition in scouting, you can also mention any other work that they do outside of scouts, this needs to be around 200 words. The District exec have agreed to do the rest and submit for consideration.

Our leaders do some great work in Durham Scouts, let’s shout about and let everyone else know.


We have been doing some work at District to try and coordinate the recruitment of volunteers and to try and place them into groups over the last couple of months. This has included attending a recruitment fair, getting some press and starting a new Facebook page (@Durhamcityscouts ) dedicated to what we do in Durham City Scouts. It is early days but we are making slow progress.

We are going to be posting more stories in the written and social media about the great work that we do and try and raise our profile across Durham. How can you help? To start, if you have Facebook log on and share the article with your friends, you never know we may have a potential volunteers out there. Do you have a group email for your parents: can you email and ask them to share the article and get them to like the page? The more people who are talking about what we do the better.

What do you need in your group? We are looking to get an update on what each group needs in terms of leaders in each section or indeed the committee. This will allow us to target specific roles from a recruitment perspective, and get volunteers where they are needed most.
If you have ideas or can help with recruitment or can help in any way please email Dave at volunteer@durhamcityscouts.org.uk

Cub Sports Tuesday 5 July

Hi All

Just a quick reminder that we have Cubs Sports next Tuesday, 5 July.

We are meeting at Moor House, 18:30 - 20:00.

As agreed at our last leaders meeting we will be running races which will meet all the requirements for the Athletes badge.

I am currently unwell and am unlikely to be there on Tuesday. Can I please request help from Young Leaders to help with setting up races. I'd appreciate it if you could send me names of Young Leaders who are able to help out.

Can you please confirm that your pack will be attending or not and names of Young Leaders by Monday 5 July at 22:00.

Thank you


COUNTY Beaver Pantomime - open for Bookings!

Please note this booking is entirely separate and additional to the District booking.

The details are:
The pantomime is - Jack and the Beanstalk at the Gala Theatre in Durham.
The date and time is - Sunday 27th November at 1pm,
The price is - £8 per ticket and you get one ticket free for every10 you book.

Thanks and yours in Scouting,

Paul Woods

Youth Awards 2016

Currently we have ~20 nominations within Durham City and ~ 3 which have been accepted...

Hello all,

Just a reminder that the deadline for making nominations for Awards 2016 is the 20th July and that all RSVP's must be received by the 31st July.

I am in the process of sending reminders to everyone who has not accepted their invite and also to their nominating leader.


Scout Association’s Complaints, Suspension and Safeguarding processes

I have been asked to make sure all managers in District are up-to-date with the Scout Association’s policies with regard to Complaints, Suspension and Safeguarding processes:

The easiest way to do this is to watch Tim Kidd’s informative training videos available via the Manager page on the SA website at https://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/search/?cat=562

I am sure that if we all work at this, especially proactively promoting our Values, Scouting can become a whole lot more enjoyable for our Managers and Commissioners



New ACC (Scouts) / ADC Meeting [6th July 2016]

I am delighted to inform you that Paul Atkinson has agreed to take on (actually volunteered to take on) the role of Assistant County Commissioner (Scouts). This appointment will be made official when I formally take on the role of County Commissioner later in July, although in light of next week’s forthcoming ADCs meeting I am taking this opportunity to inform the Scout section of this news.

You may know Paul from his good work at County events (most recently Cubboree). You may not know that Paul is running a great Scout Troop with an excellent programme at Coxhoe (17th Durham City) Group and it is great that we will have an enthusiastic ACC(Scouts) with current hands-on knowledge of running a balanced and adventurous programme.

This coming Wednesday (6th July, 7pm at Moor House) is our regular County sectional meetings. In recent months, with no ACC in place these meetings have understandably been poorly attended. We would therefore like to invite not only ADC (Scouts), but all Scout Leaders in the County to attend the next meeting (if Scout Leaders can't attend, please feel free to send a delegate).

One of the key issues we would like to discuss is how we 'reboot' the Dryburn Cup (Camping) and Vaux Shield (First Aid) competitions. In recent years we have been able to retain the competitive element of Beaver, Cub and Explorer Scout competitions while at the same time making them more fun and more accessible to many more of our youth members (e.g. 300+ Cub Scouts at the recent Peter Swinney competition). We will also be discussing how we can best ask our Scouts for feedback about these events, so that we can best meet their expectations.

At the start of the meeting I will also be providing an 'all sections' update on how we intend to provide improved programme support across the County and I look forward to seeing you there.

David Stokes
(Provisional) County Commissioner

LD Mountain Centre

For fifty years LD Mountain Centre has supplied youth organisations from Newcastle and beyond with outdoor clothing and equipment. We offer an extensive range of product perfect for all of your adventures, from a walk in the local woods, to an overseas expedition.

Our enthusiastic, friendly and highly knowledgeable staff, some of whom are involved with scouting and youth groups within the area, are always on hand to advise and guide you and your group with any related outdoor requirements you have.

We are offering your organisation and its members the following incentives in order to promote the LD Mountain Centre as the first stop for all your outdoor adventure essentials.

20% off RRP for all members on equipment and clothing (proof of membership required, in store only, electronics and books exempt).

A Dedicated In store Evening:
We are happy to arrange a dedicated evening event for your organisation where you and your members will be able to come along to chat with our friendly and experienced team and buy any clothing and equipment you need.

Walking Boot Exchange Programme:
20% off the RRP on the initial purchase, then up to 50% off the RRP when boots are traded in the following year (proof of initial purchase required, in-store offer only)

Special Orders:
If we don’t have the product you are looking for, we may be able to order the product from our vast range of suppliers. Please call into the shop to discuss any requirements.

County Safeguarding Newsletter

The latest County Safeguarding newsletter can be found

Leader Awards

Now is the time we should be thinking about nominations for adult awards within Scouting.

In order to progress this in the continued absence of a District Secretary we need a volunteer(s) to do some leg work to identify the recipients and write some citations.

If you can help please let me know.

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