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Dusk TIll Dawn Challenge

Teesdale Scout District have created a badge for Scouts and Explorers.

... all you have to do, (following POR as required), is to start hiking at sundown and hike through the night whilst staying within the boundary of Teesdale.

Then you must ensure that your hike is fully covered in the Teesdale Mercury (and you local press if your from out of the area).

Let John Moore AND myself know when your doing it and the route please.

The purpose is simply to promote Teesdale as a hiking venue whilst increasing publicity for Scouting area.

County Update

The County Commissioners July update can be found here:
July 2015

As you will see things are progressing at County.

Capitation 2016

HQ have confirmed next years national membership fee will be £25.50 per young person (<18) with no charge for adults. They have asked Counties and Districts to follow suit. Hopefully each groups overall membership bill will actually be very similar. HQ are offering to support any groups who's bill increases by more than £200.

Awards 2015 - Nomination Status

Just a reminder that nominations for Awards 2015 close on the 20th July and everyone has until the end of July to accept their invitation. More details at s www.durhamscouts.org.uk/awards2015

I've attached a spreadsheet summarising the nominations in your district. If you have any questions or want a more detailed breakdown, please let me know.


Petition for better cycling facilities in Durham

Dr Graham Dietz died prematurely just before Christmas last year.

A friend and colleague of his, Dr Karen Elliott, is seeking to commemorate him by getting Durham University and Durham County Council to collaborate on the creation of a network cycle tracks in Durham.

These tracks would be separated from traffic and would allow people to cycle in safety which would encourage more people to cycle. Not only is cycling fun, it has preventative medical benefits through people increasing their activity level and encouraging them to have a healthier lifestyle in general.

Please sign the Change.org petition and, if you could, distribute to everyone you know, that would be a great help in exerting pressure on DCC & DU to bring about real beneficial change in Durham.


County Awards Day

As a district we have so far identified 81 young people for awards from 6 groups (Belmont, Elvet, 19th, 4th, 5th and Fram).

Nominations close on the 20th (week today).

Dragon Boating

28 Scouts from four Troops across the District (5th, 15th, Belmont & Fram) had a go at Dragon boating at the weekend on the River Wear. The event was run by Three Serpents Dragon Boat Club.

Thank you to Belmont for the photos and Ken for the text (Team effort).

County Beaver Meeting

We need a volunteer to represent the District Beaver Leaders and report back at the District Beaver Meeting at Moor House this Wednesday (19.00 start). If you are able to assist please let me know ASAP.

Committee Training

The M1 training for committee members is going ahead on Thursday as planned - starting 19.00 at Fram. Please make sure all committee members are aware of the invite - particularly any new volunteers.

Cub Water Day

A big thank you to everyone who helped at the Cub water day

With some more photos

Young leaders training camp

Message from Kim
We have delivered with Iain and Sue, 2 intro sessions (One at Gilesgate, one at Fram) so feel we could put out the offer to cover MOST of the units in a less-than-24 hour camp on 19th Sept (My only free weekend in the foreseeable) and then follow up with Kieren doing a First Aid day

Even if turn out is small, I'll run it.
It would just be good to get it properley going.

Can Explorer leaders and Section leaders ask their young leaders who is interested?

The cost will be <£10.

Please have expressions of interest to Kim before the summer

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