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Manager / supporter training

Dear all, Modules 22 (Section Support) and 24/26 (Managing and Supporting Adults) will be held at Darlington District HQ on Thursday 11th September for 7-9:30; booking is via the on-line booking system on the county website.

I would appreciate it if you could pass this on to people within your districts who need to attend - GSLs, AGSLs, ADCs etc.

Also, a reminder that Module 13 on Thursday 2nd October at Moor House will also include module 21.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Compass Update

Just a very quick note to remind you that MMS, the current Membership Management System will CLOSE from Monday 28 July.

The sign in button will be removed thus you will not be able to look up the role of an individual, whether they have a valid Disclosure or their contact details until Compass comes online in mid-August.

I understand that there was some confusion and that there was a perception that MMS would be view only from 28 July. Info Centre have today confirmed that is not the case and that MMS will be closed. In addition an email was issued to everybody at 5pm this evening by Gilwell. Whilst this might duplicate, at least that ensures that the message is delivered.

Grants for membees with additional needs

The Development Grants Board has recently re-opened the ‘Special Needs Fund’ (also known as the Treloar Fund). This fund assists with the cost of support to attend events (e.g. translators/carers) or equipment, to support adults and young people with additional needs to access Scouting. The fund cannot offer assistance to improve building access at present.
For more info go to


and look under the heading of Benevolent Grants for Individual Adults and Young People

Pets at Home

I have been asked to pass on the following message - if anyone decides to follow it up and gets any more specifics please let me know and I will circulate.

Hello my name is Tracey Carr (tracey9691@hotmail.co.uk)
I work for pets at home at Durham store Arnison Centre Pity Me. We are running in store events over the summer holiday for cubs and beavers so they can get there badges.
Would it be possible to have any contact in the Durham area that would be interested in coming to these in store events.

Module 25 Training

Received from Shelia (training@durhamscouts.org.uk)
To TAs and managers who have not validated module 25, copied to District Training Contacts for info.

For those of you who have not attended a module 25 course, I am running one at 1st Barnard Castle HQ (Teesdale) on Sunday 24th August from 10am to 2pm, including a light lunch - there is no charge. If you are able to attend, please email me before Sunday 17th August. Managers and supporters only need to attend up until 11:30.

For those TAs who have attended module 25, but have not yet validated it, the interim team will be looking at this at the end of August and we will then let you know how to go about presenting your evidence.
FYI, you need to:
Demonstrate an understanding of the Scout Association's Adult Training Scheme and support one learner through the PLP process over a period of 5 months or for the completion of Getting Started, if appropriate. This must include the validation of at least one module.

Finally, if you have received this email as a TA and you think you have validated Module 25, please email me back with details of who validated you and the date.

Coxhoe Litter Pick

Coxhoe Cubs and Scouts did a litter pick round the village and picked up twelve bags of rubbish. A great job by the young people.

Compass Updates

The roll out of Compass is now starting in earnest with key District contacts now having access to a training area. Unfortunately I still can't answer some of the questions around functionality because many things are not yet implemented - but there's obviously been a lot of thought gone into the system and I will provide further updates when I can.

Scouting Award Nominations

Over the next few weeks I have the opportunity to nominate a number of leaders for Scouting Awards.

Recipients will usually have been involved for more than 5 years and will have done more than might be expected from their main role. Additionally they cannot have any training outstanding.

If you know someone within the district who you think may be worth of an award nomination please do let me know within the next couple of weeks.

Durham Awards

Separate from the Scouting Awards there is also the opportunity to nominate people for the Durham Community Volunteering Awards.
I'm very happy for direct nominations but please feel free to discuss any nominations you wish to make with me.

The closing date for nominations is 25 July 2014.

Institute of Leadership and Management - for Young Leaders

Even though they might not realise it yet, a Young Leader’s experience in Scouting will help them develop a whole range of important skills that Colleges, Universities and employers are looking for. At a time when competition is higher than ever, the skills gained from the Young Leaders’ Scheme will help to set them apart from the crowd.

To help support Young Leaders further, we have had the Young Leaders’ Scheme externally recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) as a Development Programme. The ILM is one of the UK’s leading providers of leadership and management qualifications and the accreditation shows the quality of the Young Leaders’ Scheme to any external organisations that Young Leaders might apply to in the future.

Achieving the ILM recognition doesn’t involve any extra work on the part of the Young Leader, they simply need to register for the ILM programme and complete the Young Leader scheme, as normal. Full details on this fantastic accreditation can be found via the website the resource Get Ahead: Scouting and employability has also been created to help Explorers translate their Scouting experience for job and higher education application forms – to give Young Leaders the best chance of success.

If you have any further questions about the ILM accreditation or the Young Leaders scheme, please contact us via programme@scouts.org.uk.

Thank You,
The Programme Team

Locomotion Summer Activities

Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon has a full programme of themed arts and crafts activities during the summer holidays. All activities are free and groups are welcome. Parking and admission to the museum is also free.

Monday July 21 – Sunday August 3: To celebrate the Commonwealth Games Locomotion invites you to make and decorate a flag and colour in a map showing Commonwealth countries. Explore the museum to find our international locomotives and mark hem on our map. Please note: craft activities will not be available on Saturday August 2 and Sunday August 3.

Monday August 4 – Sunday August 10: Design your own railway poster! Search the museum for examples of railway posters then colour in one of templates or design your own! Explore the museum to find a secret seaside destination.

Monday August 11 – Sunday August 17: Design and write a postcard about your summer holiday. Explore the museum to find a secret seaside destination.

Sunday August 17: Tree Fu Tom visits Locomotion! Colour in some Tree Fu Tom colouring sheets and make a leaf sign for your bedroom door.

Monday August 18 – Sunday August 24: Design your own train and fill it with passengers, goods and animals. Follow the trail around the museum and find out what our wagons used to carry.

Tuesday August 26- Sunday August 31: Trains can transport animals as well as people. Make your own animal mask then follow the trail around the museum to what else trains can transport.

Wednesday August 27: Animal Story will be at Locomotion with a variety of creatures for visitors to view and possibly handle under supervision from an Animal Story ranger. Sessions will take place at 11am and 2pm.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact our front of house team on 01388 771430.

Kind regards,


Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon
01388 771445


Congratulations to:
Jo Birkbeck (ABSL at Fram)
Aidan Birkbeck (AESL at Fram)
Helen Richardson (CSL at Fram)
Savannah Gibson (ACSL at 19th)
Richard Hall (ABSL at 19th)
Who all successfully met with the appointments committee last week.

URGENT - Compass System

Within the next 7 days, please can you log into the national scout website:
and check your 'location' is set correctly (i.e. Durham City District)

To do this, login, click on 'My Details' (top of the page) and then 'location'. If you need to edit the location, there is an Edit link in the top right.

If you are struggling please let me know and I will try and sort it out.

Faith Picnic - Postponed

The 2014 faith picnic has been postponed and will hopefully run in September

Mountain Rescue Badge

Congratulations to Jack, Josh and Oliver who were presented with their Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team Scout Challenge badge - the first Scouts to achieve it

Specifications for the Beaver, Cub and Explorer versions will be available soon.

Cub Water Day

Thank you to everyone who helped make the Cub water day a success. Lots of mud, smiles and water al round.

Belmont Scouts Reach for the Sky

Here are some photos from 1st Belmont Scout Gliding Weekend at the North Yorkshire Gliding Club.

We ended up being double booked with a Scout Group from Huddersfield, but in true Scouting spirit they all got a flight

There were almost 26 Scouts and Leaders up in the air over the weekend taking part in the Gliding weekend. The Gliding Club were excellent and very accommodating. Everyone got a good flight with the longest time in the air for Scouts being 23 minutes and 47mins for one of the Leaders. At one point on Saturday we had 4 Scouts in the air at once and on Sunday one lucky Scout got to do some aerobatics and did 2 loop the loops, which was good to see 2000 feet above you whilst standing on the ground.

Everyone learnt about thermals and the fact they're not just clothes to keep you warm in winter, but hot rising air that help form the clouds and allow Gliders to reach over 3000 feet in height if you're lucky.

Everyone enjoyed being in the peace and quiet in the clouds and blue sky looking at the terrific views, than lining a street or road with 500,000 cycling enthusiasts, and even being that high, no one saw anything of the Tour de France and a yellow jersey.

The Scouts also enhanced their pioneering skills and built the biggest Jenga tower ever over lunchtime in the Cafe and got a round of applause. It was that tall it touched the ceiling!

Butterfly event

We’re holding a butterfly event on Sun 20th July at Cassop.

Full details are on
Butterfly event at Littlewood nature reserve and on the attached poster

If you are able to help us publicise the event, I’d be most grateful. If possible, would you consider either print out a poster, send an email to your networks or add to social media. If you’d like a hard copy of the poster, please just get in touch and I can pop one in the post.

Thanks very much if you are able to help


ID Checking changes

The guidelines have been amended to provide that from 1 July 2014, adoption certificates are to be treated the same as an original birth certificate, and that EU driving licences are treated the same as a UK driving licence. This means
the Adoption certificate and the EU photo card driving licence now sit (from 1 July) with the other Group 1 documents. The identity checking guidelines available on our website have now been updated to reflect this change. If any other changes to the guidelines are introduced, we’ll give you plenty of time to make any necessary changes to your documentation and systems.

Legal assistance

Sunderland University Student Law Clinic may be able to help with some legal querries - more info

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