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There's lots of new (and returning) faces in the District over the last few weeks:

Isobel Frazer - District Youth Commissioner
Jen Burrows,Section Leader at Fram Explorers
D'Arcy Emberson as Scout Section Assistant at 19th Durham (Neville's Cross)
Rianne Bowden as Section Assistant - Beaver Scouts at 20th Durham (Waterhouses)
Sam Black as Scout Section Assistant at 19th Durham (Neville's Cross)
Nick Black as Scout Section Assistant at 19th Durham (Neville's Cross)

Safety Statistics

The incident numbers are down on the previous six months but in line with longer term trends. There were no 'more serious' or 'major' injuries in the County in the last six months. Please thank GSLs, Leaders etc for their reporting to HQ.

In line with national trends, the Scout section appears to have the most accidents/injuries and 'free time/unsupervised play' still sees the highest number of accident injuries in the HQ and on camp. Please make sure that all leaders are aware of these trends and ensure that they include ‘free time/unsupervised play’ in risk assessments, as these risks can be mitigated to some extent by appropriately briefing young people (defining out of bounds areas, clearly identifying specific risks and relevant restrictions, pointing our general risks etc).

DC nominations

You should have received an email explaining the DC nomination process. You can nominate yourself or someone else.


There is also an open meeting on Thursday evening (19.30 and Fram) if you have any further questions about the role or nomination process ,or you can email me directly.

Module 36 – Additional Needs Tuesday 13 June 2017

Durham Scout County’s Training Team will be delivering Additional Needs (Module 36 of the Adult Training Scheme) on Tuesday 13 June from 7pm at Moor House.

If you wish to undertake this module and can commit to the date, applications need to be made by 7pm on Tuesday 30 May via www.durhamscouts.org.uk/mytools.

If you do not have an assigned Training Adviser, please record “No TA” in the relevant field.

Supporting Young People (Module 14) – Tuesday 20 June 2017

Durham Scout County’s Training Team will be delivering Module 14 of the Adult Training Scheme on Tuesday 20 June from 7:00pm at Moor House.

If you wish to undertake this module and can commit to the date, applications need to be made by 7:00pm on Tuesday 6 June via www.durhamscouts.org.uk/mytools.

If you do not have an assigned Training Adviser, please record “No TA” in the relevant field.

District Commissioner Search meeting

19.30, Thursday 25th May @ Fram Scout Hut

The purpose of this meeting is to help explain to as many people as possible what the process is for nominating potential District Commissioners and to encourage as many people as possible to make nominations.

While the meeting is not aimed particularly at prospective candidates they are welcome to attend!

3rd June Ceilidh

As a group we are trying really hard to raise funds to hit our final target to help pay for the activities on this year’s Scout international trip to Switzerland.

The cost of the trip was kept low so it was affordable to everyone on the basis that it would be subsidised by fund raising. So far we have had a great effort from the leaders, committee and a few parents but we are shy of our target. So we are having one last push. We have come up with what I think is a perfect way for YOU to help: so a few questions.

Do you....
enjoy good company?
enjoy a pint or two?
like listening to live music?
live near Nelson hall (the scout hut)?

If you can answer at least two of these as a yes and are free on the evening of the 3rd of June we are having a Ceilidh, tickets are £8 each or £15 for two. It is a really easy way to help. So no excuses, follow the below to help us help the scouts have a great trip!

Register at www.19nx.org.uk
Turn up on the 3rd
Sit down, relax, enjoy some good company, good music and perhaps have a few beers.

What could be easier?

Remember: your child doesn’t have to be in Scouts to help out, if they are in Cubs or Beavers they will be a Scout one day and I would hope the support is there from the group if we do an international trip again.

I hope to see you there.

19th NX, GSL

PS: I forgot, Slimer has his famous BBQ, it gets even better!


Coxhoe Scout Group is looking for both a new Group Chairman and a new Group Scout Leader. If anyone knows anyone with connections in the area who would be interested in taking on either role please do let me know.

The Chairman's role is to ensure the executive are supporting the Group as best they can and is idea for someone with some business/management experience who's good at motivating others, but it doesn't have to be a massive time commitment.

Community Safety Award Opportunity

I work for Durham County Council in the Civil Contingencies Unit (CCU) which is the emergency planning department. As part of our work scheme, we work with communities to help them become more resilient to emergencies such as flooding, fires etc. As part of this work scheme, we are offering uniformed youth organisations the chance to complete an award called the Community Safety Award: http://csa.aspier.co.uk/wordpress/ .

The Community Safety Award consists of 3 levels/ age groups, however we are offering just the top two age groups which are:

Neighbourhood Award- for 10-14 year olds.
Community Award- for 14-18 year olds.

Within your scout group, you can all do one level of award or a mix of both if you have members that span both award age groups. Both award levels have similar topics, so it would be possible to run both awards in your group at one time if needs be. The award can take as long to complete as you would like- there are 8 compulsory activities for the neighbourhood award and 6 compulsory activities for the community award. All work should be recorded in the workbooks so there is no need for extra resources.

We are also offering a session on community resilience which will aid the scouts in completion of their award. A member of the CCU (probably myself) can come along and introduce the key themes around community resilience. We can book it in for whenever is most suitable for you.

Once the workbooks are completed, scouts will receive an official award certificate and a badge, and of course the knowledge to help their communities during an emergency!

I am currently waiting on the workbooks to be designed/ printed and expect these to be complete by the end of next week. If this opportunity is something you think your scout group would be interested in, please send me a list of their names, along with which award they are to complete and we will go from there once the workbooks are printed.

If you would like further information about the award, please don’t hesitate to reply via this email address or give me a ring on either of the contact numbers below.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,
Laura Dobson,
Civil Contingencies Assistant
Telephone: 03000 264 638
Mobile: 07775025174

Network Program support meeting Wednesday 10th May 19.00 Moor House

Our next program support meeting is on:-

Wednesday 10th May, 19.00 at Moor House.

Unfortunately I will be unable to attend, but Scott Doughty, our new ACC/E will be there and will chair the joint Explorer / Network meeting, so please do still try to make it if possible as we are looking to continue to improve links and relationship between the 2 sections and share ideas and issues to help improve things.

I am aware of 2 ongoing items as below, although I am sure a number of other topics will be covered in conjunction with the DESC’s.

David Stokes (CC) is still in negotiation with HQ around what we as a County are allowed to do to support those Districts struggling to get Network running in the short term. We will update as soon as a plan is formed.

Also, Sunderland Network are planning to hold a county Network quiz at the Chesters pub on the 15th of July, for Network members, leaders and supporters (over 18s only). More information to follow via email and Facebook Group etc., but please think about getting along a team.

If any issues are raised at the meeting, I’ll catch up with Scott when back in the UK.

As always, please let me know if I can be of any support.


David Holmes

Beamish Museum Event - Empire and Flag Weekend

As we are now into May, I thought I would drop you an email to let you know that we still have some availability for our Empire and Flag Weekend, on the 20th and 21st May (10am-5pm) here at Beamish Museum in County Durham.

We’ve had a fantastic response from groups in your area and due to massive demand we have increased the availability of the event, so if you are able to, please do pass on the details to other groups in your area so that we can ensure as many young people as possible get to enjoy this unique opportunity.

Here’s just a few of the special things we’ve got planned – on top of the normal Beamish fun!

· A grand parade at 2.30pm each day – lead by the Lord Lieutenant/Vice Lord Lieutenant of Durham.
· Meet the Police Interceptors and see the police helicopter land at 12.30pm.
· Try on First World War costume and take part in a recruitment activity.
· Tap your foot along to traditional band performances throughout the day.
· Enjoy stories and song around the camp fire in the Pit Village.

We’ve got so much planned for the event, a lot of which you can find on our website; http://www.beamish.org.uk/events/empire-weekend/

I have attached the information for groups to this email however if you have any questions at all, or would like to book vouchers then please get in touch.

NB – We have availability for both young people and supporters/adults on both days, Sunday has the best availability and all vouchers give you an amazing discounted entry of £6 each (payable on the day, by cash or card)– for every 5 young people that you bring along, we will provide 1 supporter ticket free of charge.

County Beaver Programme Support Meeting - 10th May 2017

the next Beaver Programme Support Meeting is on Wednesday 10th May at 7pm at Moor House Adventure Centre and I look forward to seeing you there. The agenda for the meeting on Wednesday is attached.

The minutes from the last meeting are attached and can also be found via the secure area on the Durham Scout Website.

Thanks and yours in Scouting,

Paul Woods

Assistant County Commissioner Beaver Scouts

Beaver Meeting minutes 4th May 2017

Key Points:

Big day out - all to let Ali know numbers so that we can sort out event shelters as a district.

We're looking at having a district wide game sometime during week of 5th July.

Things to note - we are investigating the option of changing the date of the sleepover to 18th or 25 November.

Big day out - 10th June
Cheques to durham scout county.
Book soon, and if have extra, email Ian Hammond.
(don't just add extra bookings on the website, because these need
a leader to let the booking go through).

Sports day - now District Beaver wide game - Week of 5th July
Richard to organise games, drinks and crisps.
5:45, starting at 6, drinks at 6:45, finish at 7.
Ask if parents can car share.

Road Safety Resource Packs

Now in its 14th year, the 'Beep Beep! Day' initiative encourages nurseries, playgroups, infant schools, children's centres and childminders to host road safety related activities, including creating posters, experimenting with toy cars and singing road safety songs.

To enable UK early years to get involved with the global initiative, Brake has produced a range of resources to help children in the UK to understand how their peers travel in other parts of the world, and the importance of parents slowing down in the summer months when more children play outside.

These resources include a colourful A2 laminated map with snap cards, colouring sheets and a template for a letter to be taken home to parents. Dave Nichols, community engagement manager at Brake, said: 'Beep Beep! Days are a great way to start talking to children about basic road safety messages and to remind adults of their responsibilities when it comes to keeping roads safe and protecting little lives.

Beep Beep! Days will also take place on 27 September and 22 November 2017.

To register your involvement and obtain your free e-resource pack please click into the following link: http://www.brake.org.uk/beepbeepday

County Vacancies

County Roles

Durham Scout County is an increasing dynamic and exciting place for our young people. Providing the right support to our adult and youth membership is however a key responsibility of the Scout County and our County Team is growing so that we can provide the best possible support. We are looking to recruit for a number of new roles list below. Click on the respective link to find out more.

Deputy County Commissioner: To support and deputise for the County Commissioner, including mentoring lead volunteers and incident management
County Training Manager: To drive and direct improvements in the County's provision of adult training, including Wood Badge and skills training
Finance Board Members: To support the governance, financial management and fund raising in the Scout County (no Scouting experience necessary)
County Secretary: To support the administration of the County Executive Committee and County Scout Council (must be eligible as a Charity Trustee)

A number of these roles are suitable for those with no previous Scouting experience so please think outside your immediate Scouting contacts when suggesting some names.

Cub Programme Support Meeting - Wednesday 10 May, 19:00 at Moor House

Just a quick reminder that the next Cub Programme Support Meeting is on Wednesday 10 May 19:00 at Moor House. We hope you are able to make it and look forward to seeeing you on Wednesday.

The minutes from the last meeting are attached and can also be found via the secure area on the Durham Scout Website. I am also attaching a copy of the Agenda.



County update
Introductions, apologies and welcome
Regional Update
Feedback on Pete Swinney and Dodgeball
Reminder F W Dunn Deadline 31 May
Cub Adventure Day - Big Day Out
Cub Programme Support
Safety within Cubs
Any Other Business


Coxhoe Beavers Go-Karts

As part of their Adventure Challenge Badge, Coxhoe Beavers recently participated in a Go-Karting experience with Go-Kart Party North East (www.gokartpartytyneandwear.co.uk).

The children had a fantastic time learning to drive the go-karts safely, manoeuvring them around a course, playing go-kart football shoot-out and participating in races. All the children received a medal and a safe driving award. The children thoroughly enjoyed their go-karting experience.

Gilwell Reunion

Hello everyone,

Now is the time to start thinking about the Gilwell Reunion (I've just received a reminder about the national AGM).

I know that there are some people from across the County who regularly attend reunion and I'm planning to attend this year.

I was just wondering if there was an appetite to provide a little more coordination across the County e.g.

Share transport (book minibuses)?
Camp in the same location?
Meet up while we're all there?

Any thoughts or ideas welcome

David Stokes

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