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AGM Update

Unfortunately despite our best intentions we have had to move the District AGM again - but it is now confirmed for Thursday 25th June.

We will be holding it in the reading room at Teikyo University (opposite the oriental museum).

The students have agreed to provide origami, caligraphy and a teach everyone a couple of simple Japanese phrases - so there will be something for everyone.

More details will follow nearer the time.

Youth Social Fund - advertisements for Community volunteer co-ordinators in the Durham County

You will be aware we have been working with members of the RDS team in the past few months to establish new sections in deprived areas utilising the Youth Social fund money at our disposal. This work is gathering a pace with two sections now open and more in the pipeline.

However we need your help now in that we are looking to recruit a Community volunteer coordinator to move this initiative forward. I have attached a document outlining details of this role and why it works and would be obliged if you can circulate the CV advert around your Scouting database please.



Why Support Volunteering


Can you help create adventure for over 1000 Beavers and Cubs this summer?

Our summer events are looking really popular with over 600 already registered for both the Beaver Picnic and Cub Adventure Day.

I would love to hear from anyone that can help me on either the 6th or 20th June - I'm looking for help with Arrivals, Stewarding, the Drinks Station, Climbing and Archery, so that our young guests can have a great day!

If you can help, please drop me a mail or sign up online at https://docs.google.com/a/ianhammond.org.uk/forms/d/1bKM4lpNR0XWzANHZHiw-pa_uP3OGEH1at26TtLxVCyo/viewform

Feel free to pass on this message...


Wood Badge training – deadline approaching

Module 36 – Tuesday 16 June 2015

Durham Scout County’s Training Team will be delivering Module 36of the Adult Training Scheme on Tuesday 16 June from 7pm at Moor House.

If you wish to undertake this module and can commit to the date, applications need to be made by 7pm on Tuesday 2 June via www.durhamscouts.org.uk/mytools.

If you do not have an assigned Training Adviser, please record “No TA” in the relevant field.

Module 14 – Monday 29 June 2015
Module 15 – Monday 29 June 2015

Durham Scout County’s Training Team will be delivering Modules 14 and 15 of the Adult Training Scheme on Monday 29 June at Moor House. Module 14 will start at 7pm; Module 15 will follow at 8:15pm.

If you wish to undertake either or both of these modules and can commit to the date, applications need to be made by 7pm on Monday 15 June via www.durhamscouts.org.uk/mytools

Training Courses Sign up

Sign up for next months M1 (8th June) and M3 (3rd June) training is now open:

Module 1 sign up

Module 3 sign up

Please sign up at least a week before each course

HQ volunteer vacancies

There are a number of volunteer vacancies on the national website - at this link:


5th Durham AGM and 50 Year celebration

On Friday night I had the pleasure of presenting Ken Robertson with his official 50 years service certificate - an amazing achievement (on Kens's part - presenting it was easy!)

Please remember to invite myself and the District Chairman to your AGM when the details are confirmed.

Nat West - Skills and opportunities fund - seeking further local applications

I apologise for the short notice, but I have only received this information myself a few minutes ago, for sharing further.

Nat West are seeking local applications to their skills and opportunities fund.

The timescales are very tight – the closing date for applications being the 22nd May. But I suspect they may not have received a lot of interest hence them re-marketing the opportunity. You may be aware of Groups or Districts that may already be applying of funds who could react quickly to this opportunity.

Please use the link below.


I wish you well with your applications if you can meet the deadline.

Kind regards


Compass Update

While Compass still seems to be very far from operational we do have a minor break through in that I can now see who needs to update their DBS check and get a list of names and contact information for existing adults in Scouting. There is also a process in place for updating this information (carrier pigeons are optional).
I am not anticipating making minor role updates at this stage - but if you've changed address or contact info please send the update to me and I will try and get the records updated.

Cooking Comp Results

This years Scout cooking competition winners were jointly 4th Durham and 15th Durham.

There were 11 teams taking part and they all did really well despite a very wet morning. The judging chef was really impressed with the food being produced.


Congratulations to Fram Cubs for winning the County Cub Pete Swinney Competition against 38 other teams:


Scouts and Cultural Exchange in Durham

I have been asked to pass this on. I have no knowledge of the organisation.

I would be most grateful if you would kindly consider passing the below information on to parents, or including the piece provided in a newsletter, as an activity your scouts and their parents may be interested in trying. Thank you.

HOST is a charity, founded 25 years ago by the British Council, which encourages international friendship and understanding by arranging for adult international students at universities in the UK to spend 1 – 3 days in a British home.

We are always grateful to welcome new hosts on board. Not only is hosting a wonderful opportunity to meet people from around the world and introduce them to our customs, but it also allows for children to be introduced to other cultures, therefore broadening their knowledge and increasing their understanding. For scouts particularly, hosting a student can help them towards achieving badges such as the World Faiths, Global Issues and International Activity badges.

You may have some questions before wanting to mention HOST to your parents. I have addressed the most common questions below the item, but please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Want something different this Summer? Many international students at UK universities would love to spend a weekend with you. Inviting a student to stay will make them feel welcome here. Teach your children about other cultures, meet new people and make the world a little friendlier!

To learn more about volunteer hosting during any weekend or day of the year, see www.hostuk.org or contact Alan on 01946 825170.

Q. What have host families with children said about inviting an international student?
A. “It is a great way to learn about other cultures and particularly for our children to learn that others are just like them but might look or do things differently.” – Joanna, Berkhamsted
“I would really recommend becoming a host. I feel that it has been a really positive experience for our children to meet someone from a different country and to learn about different cultures and customs, particularly at a time when political rhetoric is so intolerant.” – Charlotte, Cherry Burton
“Our son has had the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and this wouldn't have been possible without HOST.” – Maria, Helston

Q. How do parents know this is a safe opportunity?
A. HOST has been going for 27 years. In that time we have never had any worrying incidents regarding children of host families. In fact, the families who volunteer with us say that this is a fantastic opportunity for their children to learn about other cultures and be introduced to people from around the world in a safe home environment.

Q. Are the host families checked?
We do not require CRB checks on hosts, because all our students are adults. However, our volunteer regional organisers visit every potential host family in their home before accepting them as hosts. We never register as hosts anyone about whom our Regional Organisers have any concerns.

Kimberley Brough
Deputy Chief Executive

Please note my change of email address. I can now be contacted on dce@hostuk.org

T: 020 7739 6292
Unit K106
The Biscuit Factory
Tower Bridge Business Complex
100 Clements Road
SE16 4DG


Training dates

The M3 training will now take place on the 3rd June 1900 start @ Fram.

The M1 training will now take place on Monday the 8th June 1900 start @ Fram.

Please make sure any new leaders who may not be on the District mailing list are made aware of this training.

A big thank you again to our training team volunteers who provide this training.

District AGM and Jambroee send off

In a change to our original plan the District AGM will now take place on Friday 26th June alongside our District Jamboree send off. More details to follow in due course.

Scout Raft Challenge

This years Scout Raft Race (24th June) is going to have an extra twist.

In additional to the traditional event, Scouts will be challenged to build a one man raft from cardboard. Troops may build as many rafts as they like. One 50m role of gaffer duct tape may be used to build each raft along with as much cardboard as you can supply.

Please bring scissors for cutting the cardboard - any use of knives MUST be supervised 1:1 by a leader at all times. No other building materials may be used but you may use a traditional paddle and decorate as desired.

Please DO NOT practice in advance - Scouts can be assisted on the night as required.

Please also bring bin bags for removing the rubbish at the end of the night and DO NOT put any rubbish in the universities bins.

PAT Testing offer

As part of our ongoing community outreach project, we have been able to obtain a full PAT and venue testing kit and training.

If any scout groups would like their equipment PAT tested and their venue safety tested we would happily do this on a Sunday for £20. (Other days £45)

Non-scout groups can also benefit from our services at minimum price of £45 or .50p per item (the highest of the two)

Could you put this on your newsletter and circulate ?

Kind regards,

Cub County Photo competition

The theme for 2015 is
'My local area'
and the closing date is the end of July


County Safeguarding Update

The May County Safeguarding update can be found here:
May 2015

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