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Climbing Camp

Fram Events are running their climbing camp for Explorers and older Scouts on the 14-16th June.
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New District Exec

A big thank you to everyone who attended the District AGM on Thursday evening.

I'm very pleased to confirm the appointment of our new chair Alastair Edge, that Rebekah has stayed on as Treasurer, and that we also elected: Iain Wood, Michael Doogan, Jeff Hewitt, Neville Hallam, Jonathan Roberts, Dianne Baker and Stephen Ramsay. I hope to circulate the draft minutes within the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to the SAS for supplying a grand buffet and BBQ.

Draft minutes of the last exec meeting are available here


We would like to welcome
Angela Porritt who is taking on the role of Beaver Scout Sectional Assistant at 17th Durham (Coxhoe). I am sure everyone will support her as she goes through the appointment process.

Successful Appointments Meetings

The following leaders successfully met with the appointments committee on Tuesday evening - well done and welcome

Andrew Corbin (ASL at 4th Durham)
Becky Barker (ASL at Fram)
Petra Bod (ACSL at Belmont)
Ryan Wareham (ACSL at Belmont)
Stephanie Huntley (ABSL at 4th)
Janet Thompson (AGSL at 4th)

I'm sure everyone will support them as they continue to move through their training.

Bouncy Castle Accidents

Over the last few weeks there have been a number of incidents involving inflatable castles/slides, one of which was at a scouting event in cumbria, were 4 cubs were injured. I strongly advise that if your group attends or organises an event including inflatables, that you ensure they are correctly tied down before allowing your group to use them. Please contact me if you have further concerns about this matter, or any safety issues in general at safety@durhamcityscouts.org.uk

Michael Doogan

New DC in Teesdale

Having (yet again) done a fantastic job, Colin Clarke has come to the end of the period we agreed for his tenure as DC of Teesdale, and stands down with my sincere gratitude.
Following a search process undertaken by the Regional Development Service I am delighted to announce that John Moore will take on the role of DC for Teesdale: I am sure you will give John all the support he needs in his new role, and we look forward to Teesdale continuing to grow and develop.

District AGM

The District AGM is on Thursday evening, starting at 19.30 at Moor House. The SAS will be running a BBQ afterwards so please do come along and support this important District event.

Please remember the centre of Durham will be closed for the cycle race - so if you'r coming from the West of Durham you may want to take a longer route round than normal.

District Chairman

As some of you may have heard on the grapevine Jonathan Roberts is leaving Durham over the summer and hence standing down as District Chair at the AGM. Jonathan has played a very important role over the recent years and has been involved in Scouting more widely in Durham for many years.

If anyone has a spare chairman please do speak to me ASAP.

Dryburn Scout Camping Competition

As you are aware this year's Dryburn camping competition for the Scout section was due to take place very soon.
Sadly, for an unknown reason, Moor House staff were informed to cancel the booking in their diary. The date planned is now no longer available.
As a result I am talking to staff and arranging a new date. Once I have further information on dates available I will be requesting a meeting with your ADC(S) to discuss.

My sincere apologises for the delay in this competition but I will ensure that your ADC(S) are fully informed and have their input, once I can arrange the site, with Moor House staff.


Jamboree Leadership Deadline this week!

As most of you will know, the 23rd World Scout Jamboree is being held in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan from Tuesday 28th July To Saturday, 8th August 2015.

To create a complete Unit of four Patrols Durham Scout County have been paired with Humberside Scout County, each of whom have an allocation of two Patrols (18 young people per County). Over the coming months Durham Scouts will be working closely with our friends in Humberside to form and develop the best possible Jamboree Unit.

There are 4 Leadership roles available for the joint Unit, consisting of 1 Unit Leader, 1 Deputy Unit Leader and 2 Assistant Unit Leaders. Each of these roles has specific responsibilities. To ensure that the Unit has the best possible Leadership Team these four roles will be filled by the best applicants available across the two Counties, with the selection being made by a joint Durham/Humberside panel. Please note that this will not necessarily mean that two Leaders will be appointed from each County.

We are currently seeking applicants for these roles which are open to all adults in Durham Scout County (Leaders, Managers and members of Scout Network and Scout Active Support Units) and we encourage all interested parties to apply. Attached are copies of the relevant invitation letter, role descriptions and application form. Completed application forms should be e-mailed to jamboree2015@durhamscouts.org.uk and note that there is a strict application deadline of 12 noon on 17th May 2013.

The selection of young people will be starting in the next few months and we encourage all Districts to start to promote the idea of the Jamboree and to consider how you can provide financial support for your young people

Please see http://www.durhamscouts.org.uk/jamboree/ for more background.

David Stokes

BeatBullying teams up with Scouting to battle bullying.

BeatBullying is an international bullying prevention charity working and campaigning to make bullying unacceptable. They train young people aged 5-25, in schools, colleges and communities, to become BB Mentors, giving them the knowledge and tools they need to tackle and prevent bullying.
Become a Jubilee Mentor!
The Queen’s Silver Jubilee Trust is supporting BeatBullying to train 2,500 Jubilee Mentors over the course of 2013, and Beatbullying would love Explorer Scouts to get involved.

This is a fantastic, flexible volunteering role, which will give Explorer Scoutss a broad range of practical skills and enable them to make a real difference to the lives of other young people and their communities (as well as being part of her Majesty's legacy).

Through a one day training course Explorers will learn:
· How to spot and tackle bullying and cyberbullying
· Positive online behaviour and safety
· How to mentor and support other young people

Up to 50 Explorer Scouts can be trained up at any one time. All you’ll need to organise is a venue for the training and BeatBullying will do the rest.

If you’re interested in organising a training, email training@beatbullying.org

Activity packs
As part of the partnership, BeatBullying has developed special activity packs for Beaver Scout, Cub Scout and Scout Sections, designed to enable you to run one or two fun and interactive sessions with your young people. The packs will teach the young people how to spot bullying, how to stay safe, and what they can do to combat bullying themselves.

You can find them at: www.beatbullying.org/scouts

Leader training
Earlier in year BeatBullying trained Section Leaders to become BeatBullying Champions, providing them with the tools and resources they need to keep their young people safe.

There are now a series of online training sessions covering related subjects requested by leaders.

The training will take place over the next two months:

May: Anti-Bullying Strategies to use with your Group. The session will cover the following topics:
· Tools and sanctions to help deal with a bullying situation
· How to talk to those involved
· How to talk to parents

June: Dealing with diversity
The session will cover the following topics:
· Encouraging understanding
· How to begin discussions around diversity
· Ways to celebrate diversity

To register to attend an online session please go to www.beatbullying.org/scouts

Hymn Survey

In order to ensure the hymns at future faith events are known by as many of those attending as possible we're asking each section to complete a short survey before the end of May.


Please send the completed surveys to faith@durhamcityscouts.org.uk and don't forget the leaders!

First Aid Course

The District first aid team will be running a 1st Responder course on the 29th June at the Fram hut. All leaders, helpers and Explorers very welcome.

Book Here

Bookings close on the 21st June.

Scout Active Support

The District Scout Active Support team is there to assist you with running a great Scouting adventure. If you need an extra pair of hands for a night or want someone to run an activity why not ask them if they can assist:

District Campsite

We have decided to form a sub committee to complete a feasibility study on having a District campsite. If you would like to join the Team please let me know along with a brief description of what you could bring to the Team.
The feasibility study will bring together the options open to us and the opinions and suggestions of members to allow an informed decision to be made.

Network open Forum - Wednesday 8th

Hello all.

I am now getting to grips with my new role as CSNC and, being aware of the number of Network evolutions and various opinions from around the County, I have decided to try another fresh start.

To get things out in the open, and perhaps dispel some myths, I have arranged an open forum night on :-

Wednesday 8th May 19.30 at Moor House (Uniform preferred but optional).

I intend to use the evening to highlight what Network actually is and how I see the future of the section in Durham, at least until the results of the National review towards the end on 2014. There will also be a link to DofE awards.

I have attached a new Network introduction document for your interest. I have no doubt I will have missed one or two things, but it’s a start. It would be helpful if you could read it and pass on to anyone you may feel it will be helpful to.

If you are a Network member, want to have a Network, have any interest or connection to Network, have questions, or are just generally interested in what’s going on, please come along and spread the word to anyone else you may think this affects.

I would love to get as many people along as possible to spread the word directly so that we can try to support Scouting for our 18-25 year olds, who are the future.

It would be great if you could come, so please pop this date into your diary, spread the word, and drop me a reply if possible so that I know you are coming.

Thanks for your support.

David Holmes CSNC

SMARRT Family Active Course

Tuesday 28th May 13 and Wednesday 29th May
Free two day programme for families with kids aged 6 - 11 years
For more information see the website: www.smartt.me.uk

Community Week

Broompark tidy-up
We need your help to do some general jobs around the site. Everything from litter-picking, birdbox replacing, seat replacement and cleaning and tree guard removal.
Or come and have a chat about the site, give us your suggestions and find out about the latest events, walks and volunteer opportunities.

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