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Appointments Meetings

Congratulations to:
Sean Pickett (AESL @ Brandon)
Luke Russel (ASL at 4th Durham)
Andrew Wilson (ASL at Fram)
Tom Kitchen (ASL at Fram)

for successfully meeting with the appointments panel last week. I am sure everyone will continue to support them as they work through their Getting Started Training.

Geoffrey Gordon Cup (Explorers) - entries close 11pm Friday

Hello all,

Just a reminder that entries for this year's Geoffrey Gordon Cup, taking place at Dilston, close on Friday at 11pm.

More information at http://www.durhamscouts.org.uk/ggc/



Just a quick reminder that (almost) every leader needs to complete their Module 1 and Module 3 training within 6 months of taking up their role and also the rest of their training within 3 years.

If you don't know what's involved please speak to your line manager, your training advisor or me and we'll explain what's required.

Scout Active Support

The Scout Active Support Unit is group of current and former scout leaders and other supporters that meet on the third Wednesday of the month(i.e. this Wednesday) at the 'The Tap and Spile'
Framwellgate Moor from 7:30 pm for a friendly drink and discussion scouting and any other topic.

Please do get in touch with any requests for assistance.

Awards Round Up

At the Founders Day Service it was great to see a number of people receiving their Awards.

The full list is :-
Wood Badges
Andrew Mattches (GSL at 4th Durham - Gilesgate)
Andrew Frawley (ACSL at 19th Durham - Nevilles Cross)

Long Service Awards
5 years - Keith Maddock 4th Durham (Gilesgate)
20 years - Kim Jennings 20th Durham (Waterhouses) & previously Belmont
25 years - Peter Chipchase 19th Durham (Nevilles Cross) previously 4th Durham & ADC (Scouts)
30 years - Anne Robertson 5th Durham previously ESL & now TA
30 years - Eric Johnson Durham SAS & Sunderland

Recognition Awards
Chief Scouts Commendation - Giles Radford - For his services to Cub Scouting in Durham City initially at 1st Durham and now at 15th Durham (Elvet)
Chief Scouts Commendation - Vicky Turnbull - For her current services to Fram Cub Scouting, her Network involvement in County Durham & her contribution to the Jamboree Contingent
Award of Merit - Sarah Dodds - For her 20+ years of service to Belmont Group, Cub Scouting in Durham City as section leader as well as her many years as ADC (Cubs) helping many leaders in the Cub Scout section.

To you all well done and many thanks.

Ken Robertson

Safeguarding training

Quick reminder about the mandatory safeguarding training scheduled for 12th March.
If you appointment is due for review you should try and attend this course, using the following link: HERE

You are also able to do the online training with the agreement of their line manager (ie GSL/DC).

District Cub Camp

Don't forget, deadline for booking places for District Cub Camp to Ford, 3 - 5 May 2014 is 1 March. A deposit of £25 is due on this date.

There are a number of leaders who have not yet sent this out or have not yet booked places.

Cub Places

Leader Places

Thank you


Cub Night Hike

This years District Cub Night Hike is taking place on Saturday 8th March. There is a slight twist on previous years walks as Cubs will walk in a number of groups made up of a mixture of Cubs from across the District rather than as one large group.

Rather than having someone to lead them the Cubs will have to work as a team to find their way. To do this they will need to find the reflective markers that have been placed out around the walk. Also along the route will be a number of challenges to give a final GPS location.

These will be:
H2O challenge - The Cubs will have to float a clue out of a pipe. There is a stream nearby with shallow sides (though the leader accompanying them may like to help them get the water) - there will be suitable tools nearby. The pipe will have a spray type bar with holes that the Cubs will need to cover to get the clue.

Cairn you find it? - A cairn that will contain a plastic rock with the next clue. The Cubs will need to reassemble the cairn afterwards.

Magnetic maze - A maze made out of pipes that the Cubs have to get the steel ball bearings out of. The number of ball bearings will be the number they need for the puzzle. I'm going to try and work out a way to stop the ball bearings been possible to remove from the system.

David Baker

Neknominate - Unsafe behaviours being shared via social media

Over recent days, there has been a rise in the number of incidents about a particular unsafe behaviour being communicated via social media.

'Neknominate' is a social media craze that sees participants filming themselves drinking or 'necking' a large volume of liquid, often alcoholic. More recently, primary age children have been filmed drinking larger volumes of soft drinks and most worryingly have made reference to drinking other substances such as paint or bleach.

The participant films themselves consuming the drink, then challenge a number of their friends to do the same, sharing the evidence on social media sites. This behaviour is obviously extremely dangerous and a number of young people have been seriously injured (including at least one fatality) elsewhere in this country and abroad.

Please encourage leaders, young people and families to:

know about the terminology to enable them to effectively challenge unsafe behaviours;
understand the (obvious) dangers of neknomination;
set a positive, appropriate example, including their own behaviours online;
use the 'report' feature to highlight pages that celebrate unsafe behaviours to social network site managers;

Like many social media crazes, it is likely that this one will vanish as quickly as it has appeared but the dangers need to be highlighted.

Please let me know if you have any queries.



County Directory

County directories have now been circulated to all groups. If you haven't receivedone yet (and want one), please speak to your line manager.

Founders Day

I hope to see many of you at the Founders day service tonight. The collection will be for ‘If U care, Share’ foundation in memory of Orin Walker (the former 19th Durham Scout who died recently).

DUCK Funding

My name is Rose Mortimer and I am the Charities Officer for Durham University Charities Kommittee (DUCK). I am writing to you because your email address is part of DUCK's Charities Database, which means that DUCK have contacted you or worked with your charity in some capacity in the past.

I am writing to inform you that DUCK's Annual Allocations Process (also called The DUCK Fund) is now open. The Allocations Process is DUCK's way of 'giving back' to the local community; we provide grants, typically between £100-£1000, to a range of local charities in order to fund specific projects or purchases. Charities apply by completing an application form, a copy of which is attached to this email. Alternatively, forms will be available to download from our website www.durhamduck.org.uk in the next few days. Forms must be submitted no later than the 31st March 2014. More details regarding submission, entry criteria etc., can be found on the form itself.


In the past we have accepted applications from international and national charities, however, this year our policy has changed and therefore only local charities are eligible to apply; this is part of DUCK's commitment to supporting the local community.

We have defined 'local charities' as charities working within (though not necessarily with a head office based within) a fifty mile radius of Durham or Teeside. This means that we can no longer accept applications from international charities, even if they are based locally (so a charity based in Newcastle, yet working in Africa, would not be eligible to apply). However, we can accept applications from local branches of national charities (for example, from the Durham and Chester le Street branch of the national charity 'Mind’).

We apologise to any charities which may have successfully applied for a DUCK grant in the past, yet which are no longer eligible to apply; we hope that DUCK can work with such charities in other ways in the future. Please see the 'Area For Charities' section of our website (www.durhamduck.org.uk) in order to read about other ways in which DUCK can work with charities, for example, through events, rag raids, expeditions and challenges. Our new 'Giving Strategy' is also available to read on our website, which details the criteria DUCK uses when choosing which charities to work with.

I hope this information is clear. If you are unsure whether your charity is eligible to apply for a DUCK grant, or if you have any other questions regarding the Allocations Process, please feel free to contact me at this email address.

Many thanks for your time, and I look forward to reading many applications over the coming months.

Rose Mortimer
DUCK Charities Officer 2013/14
Durham University Charities Kommittee


Advanced Canoe Camp

Details of this years 2014 'advanced' canoe camp can be found:

The event is open to all adults in Scouting but numbers are limited. The program will be tailored to the needs of those attending - but with the aim of helping you take young people out on the water.

Shakespeare Trust Funding

As last year Groups wanting a share of the potential Shakespeare funding are asked to complete and return this form:
Shakespeare Application
to me by the 1st of April for consideration by the Executive.
Please try and break down your request and explain why you need the funding. There is no limit to the number of items a Group can request and requests can come from any section (although requests which benefit multiple sections/Groups may be considered more favourably).

Explorer Belt

Anyone starting their award after the 1st January 2014 or if already started, will complete their award after the 1st September 2015, must register with Headquarters before starting.

There are new requirements for the award, including a number of skills/competencies that need to be demonstrated and the need for a debrief once returning to the UK.

The Explorer Belt can only be signed off by the ACC Explorers (for Explorers) or the County Scout Network Commissioner (for Network members).

All the information is available at http://members.scouts.org.uk/supportresources/search/?cat=8,194,219

Queens Scout Award

Anyone starting their award after the 1st January 2014 or if already started, will complete their award after the 1st September 2015, must register with Headquarters before starting. The County will receive a copy of this registration and will ensure that everyone has a suitable local mentor.

There have been a few changes to the requirements, including the need to complete a practice expedition. Please also pay particular attention to the membership requirements - especially those over 18, who must be a member of Network (leaders are not eligible for the award).

As always, if there is any doubt over any aspect of the award or an activities suitability, it is best asking the relevant commissioner straight away.

The Queen's Scout Award can only be signed off by the ACC Explorers (for Explorers) or the County Scout Network Commissioner (for Network members). DC's and DESC's are no longer able to sign off the award. To help facilitate this, please invite the relevant commissioner to the final presentation.

All the information is available on our website at http://www.durhamscouts.org.uk/activities/qsa/

Scouting Magazine

You have have received your February & March Scouting magazine in the past week or so. If you haven't please let me know and we can try and identify the problem.

Module 4 and Module 8 Training

Dear all, just to let you know that Module 4, Tools for the Job, (managers) will run at Moor House on Tuesday 11th February, presented by Peter Crawley.

Module 8, Skills of Leadership will run at Moor House on Thursday 13th February, provisionally presented by Claire Bake.

The booking system is open on the county website.

Awards 2014 - Durham Town Hall - 20th September

I am pleased to announce that our awards and celebration event will again be held at Durham Town Hall on the 20th September 2014 and that nominations are now open!

Information about the day, the nominations process and indicative timings can be found on our website at www.durhamscouts.org.uk/awards2014

All recipients of eligible awards, plus their guests and a leader, will be invited to this prestigious event and will have the opportunity to meet other award recipients and special guests and for their award to be acknowledged. Anyone who receives an eligible award between the 1st October 2013 and the 20th July 2014 will be invited.

There will be six sessions throughout the day, each focusing on a different award. Parents with two or more children receiving awards should be aware that their children may be allocated to different sessions during the day.

In order to allow us to invite eligible recipients to the event, we need your help throughout the year in identifying recipients from your district, section or group. You can do this online at the link above. Please tell us about any recipients throughout the year rather than waiting until the deadline, as it will allow us to plan accordingly

All invites and tickets for Awards 2014 will be sent by email. Once you have nominated someone, you will be given access to a secure area of our website where you can see whether or not they have replied to our invite. You can also download a PDF copy of their invite.

I look forward to welcoming many of your members to Awards 2014. If you have any questions, please get in touch.


Indoor Scout Competition

Last Wednesday night over 50 Scouts took part in Durham City District Scouts indoor scouting competition, ran by the students of DUSAGG. the competition has numerous different challenges for each team to attempt testing their Scouting knowledge and more importantly their teamwork. All had an excellent time and congratulations to the winners Framwellgate (Friday) Troop. Thanks again to the students of DUSAGG

County Cub Dodge Ball Competition

This email is partly for information to you and a request for assistance if anyone is wondering how to fill their Saturday on February 15th. The response to the launch of the County Dodgeball Competition has been excellent and we have the 20 teams which is the maximum we could accommodate for this first competition, this equates to over 130 Cubs. I list below the Packs who are coming (Note some Packs are providing more than one team)

1st Herrington
1st Burnmoor
1st Fatfield
1st Barnard Castle
2nd Chester le Street
2nd Annfield Plain
1st Winlaton
1st Blaydon
30th South Shields
36th Sunderland
4th Washington
1st Ryton
5th Durham
9th Darlington

ADCs - I would appreciate a little help on the day of the competition, since the Centre is open to the public we do need to keep the Cubs closely supervised. We are using our Leaders as referees in order to minimise costs so some assistance would be appreciated. Even a couple of people to be in the viewing gallery keeping a eye on Cubs leaving the Main Hall or function suite where we are showing cartoons throughout the day would help greatly.

As usual I also would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone wishing to visit us on the day and see the competition. We are have a trophy presentation at 15:30

Kind regards

Ian Cooper

County Safeguarding Newsletter

This months County Safeguarding newsletter can be found HERE

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